Can dermatoglyphics test help me?

Dermatoglyphics is based on many sciences. Mainly - genetics,embryology, dermatoglyphics, brain science, and others, along with the use of observation, recording, contrast, and inductive learning methods, which are coupled with clinical experience. The result concludes that – with science we can accurately analyze the child's multiple intelligences and potential personality.

How can it help me in my child’s progress?

The benefits of adermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test are phenomenal. Here is a short list for better understanding

  •   Understanding the advanced and highly receptive areas of mind.
  •   Getting a clear picture of the innate personality of the child.
  •   Developing better methods to help the child learn better.
  •   Discovering the child’s talents and strong skills.
  •   Finding out the talent in a child.
  •   Tracing out the weak areas of the child through DMIT Test and Reports.
  •   Setting early academic and social goals for the child.
  • What is DMIT ? How authentic is it?

    DMIT – stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It helps in understanding ones intrinsic potential, brain dominance and the multiple intelligence distribution.

    Since we use fingerprints for our testing method, which are unalterable in an individual’s lifetime; the results are 100 % authentic and reliable.

    Are fingerprints a reliable source of information ?

    Yes. For a long time scientists and medical experts have used the sciences of genetics, embryology, dermatoglyphics, anthropology, and human anatomy to observe, analyze, validate, and conclude the results of this study. Since fingerprints are unalterable, and do not get affected by other factors of environment or moods, the results are extremely stable and accurate.

    How is the analysis done ?

    The analysis is IT enabled but needs expert analysts to conduct the process. Once the fingerprints are uploaded our certified DMIT experts analyze the fingerprints in great detail, and enter the findings in the advanced software that we use, and then the report is generated. Later a detailed study of the report is made and a summary is prepared – before the counseling session.

    What about other methods of intelligence testing ?

    No other testing procedure is either as comprehensive or as stable. This is a biometric test and does not require a pen and paper, nor does it require understanding of any language. There can be no bias or variation due to mood or emotion of the person. The results will remain the same for her entire life.

    I am already settled in my life. Why do I need this ?

    Good that you are settled. But the results would help you understand yourself better, discover your potential, learning style and multiple intelligences. This will allow you to harness your strengths and become better at whatever you are currently doing. It also helps in preparing your future plans in terms of job change or profile change etc. It can be one of the guiding lights for your entire life, both professionally and personally. It can also help you be better at relationships.

    Does this report define my destiny?

    This report is your biology and not your destiny. The test gives you reasons to excel in life rather than finding excuses for not doing something. It can definitely help to shape your destiny but that would depend on how we use this valuable information.

    Is this some sort of palmistry or fortune telling?

    No it is not. The test does not do any fortune telling. It decodes and unravels your mind to you and it is based on scientific set of assessment tools. Most importantly there is no variation in the results, ever.